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A Blue Lotus 101: Everything You Need To Know About Nymphaea Caerulea

Over the last years, Blue Lotus has grown in popularity for both women and men. Now you can buy blue lotus products from online vendors like us.

This product is popular not only because of its beauty but also for its purported healing properties. The following article will give you a full overview of the history and current situation of Blue Lotus, as well as insights about extraction, effects, uses, and all the special facts about Blue Lotus.


Due to the fact that the Blue lotus flower is not regulated by the people of the FDA, there are no set standards. You should research the experience of other lotus eaters and the appearance of the fresh and dry product before you purchase it. Many Lotus-eaters out there think they are consuming Blue Lotus flower but they are not. Compared to similar herbs that grow in the water, the Blue Lotus flower has a quite high price. The effects make up for it though, you can find more details below. Please send us a message if all your questions were not answered here.


General information about this great herb that you can find online can be conflicting and confusing. The best advice we can give at purchase is to look out for it is genuine, fresh, and slow dried. No need to look out for FDA approval on this herb. Many vendors sell White Lotus (the pink version) as Blue Sacred Lotus. It looks quite similar. Often the owners are not even aware of their mistake.


These days Blue Lotus is mainly used as a recreational supplement as well as in many Asian traditional medicines. It is highly valued for it’s property to kill withdrawals basically from any known drug that can be abused. The petals are a very pleasant tasting smoke and have a light relaxing and euphoric effect. On a commercial basis, Blue Lotus is rarely used, it’s more of an underground movement.


Blue Lotus, which is truly a water lily, was first reported to grow in the Nile river. While the beauty of this plant at first fascinated the people, they quickly discovered the many amazing diseases curing benefits of Blue Lotus and used it as a symbol. It supplied them with beauty, aromatherapy, and the main ingredient for their beloved wine. The Blue lotus flower has been used for centuries (also known as nymphaea caerulea) to heal numerous ailments and conditions.

A plant as old as plant life

Blue lotus flowers have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years as both a psychosomatic charm and a powerful detoxifying agent. Historians think it was first used in Egypt for medicinal purposes as a powerful medicine to cure an array of illnesses and ailments such as insomnia and anxiety. The emperors used high doses to achieve enlightenment. The Blue Lotus flowers (or nymphaea caerulea) have been a part of Ayurvedic medicine in India for thousands of years as well.


‘The flower of immortality’

Traditionally, Blue Lotus flowers were soaked in wine to extract the alkaloids and fragrance. Today’s version of that would be Blue Lotus extract. These days, modern scientists have taken up the research to understand how the blossom petals work in our bodies. There are many uses for the lotus, and they’re all worthwhile to increase health and well being.

Blue Lotus soothes your body and soul

So if you’re feeling blue, try giving the lotus a try and read on for more reasons to do so! Now you can buy blue lotus extract from online vendors and even in health food stores. In modern times, the lotus has been shown to be one of the most useful of all oils, with its wide range of therapeutic benefits. Its use in aromatherapy, or using the oil to scent certain products, is common and considered to be quite safe.


Extract is the most potent form of Blue Lotus

Our Blue Lotus Extract is made from only the highest quality, fresh living flowers that come straight from the lake. In the morning the flowers get harvested from natural lakes around Chiang Mai in Thailand.

At our facility which is very close to the lakes, the flowers then get cleaned and blended with pure ethanol. That mix goes straight into large glass jars where it will rest for 3 weeks in a cool and dark place. After that time we press out the ethanol with our custom-built stainless steel tincture press.


Slow and low heat dehydration

At that point, we have the Blue Lotus tincture, which contains all beneficial and desired ingredients plus the essential oils! We then dehydrate the tincture in a vacuum oven keeping the temperature at 35 degrees Celsius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Drying a tincture to produce an extract is usually done by boiling the solvent off, which damages the extract immensely. On a large commercial basis that’s the normal practice. Since we take pride in our products we take no shortcuts to make more profit.

We supply you with the BEST Blue Lotus Flower products possible.


Why should you buy Blue Lotus Resin from us?

We are passionate about herbs.

The Blue Lotus contains many enzymes, which is one of the things that make it so useful. Enzymes and also alkaloids take their first hit in the drying process, which is why they should always dry at the lowest temperature possible. Especially if a company has to dry at a large scale, the slow dry process is tough to achieve.

Many companies choose to sun dry their Blue Lotus which is not optimal at all. First of all, it will roast away most of the essential oils that should really stay inside the product. Enzymes can’t survive above 50 degrees Celsius or 122 degrees Fahrenheit, which is exceeded for sure during the sun drying process. We think that is such a pity. So since we are willing and able to slow dry the product for our customers, you will always receive a fresh, bright color, potent and strong-smelling Blue Lotus with the best possible effects!

Is Blue Lotus Extract able to cure anything?

Although Blue Lotus does not really contain any kind of ‘cure’ for any physical problem, it does have many psychological benefits.

Some of its psychotropic properties include the ability to increase one’s creativity and enhance memory, concentration, and learning abilities. And because it contains lots of vitamin A and C, it also has a calming effect.

The lotus flowers have been known to provide relief from anxiety, depression, and stress for those who take them regularly. It may sound like a hippie cure, but it is anything but that – it actually has many medical and health benefits.

What is Blue Lotus?

For the ancient Egyptians, it was one of the most important herbs under the sun due to its amazing healing abilities. This lily is known as Mila Yatra in India and Thailand. Blue lotus is simply a water lily that primarily grows in Egypt by ancient Egyptians and some parts of Asia. It holds great cultural significance, and often images of this blossom are found on art and on the royal walls of ancient palaces.

The blue lotus has been a part of Ayurvedic medicine in India for thousands of years. Some People call the Blue Lotus: Lotus Blue! The Nymphaea family contains over 200 species. It can grow all over the world even in colder regions. The effects vary between the different species. What an amazing plant!

Where can I buy Blue Lotus?

You can buy Blue Lotus products from our website at any size you’d like and we’ll have orders completed and dispatched within 3 working days. For more information, simply contact us via the contact page, otherwise you can buy straight from our website 24/7 365 at a great and fair price.

Why buy Blue Lotus products for health benefits?

Blue Lotus flowers’ healing properties are attributed to a large variety of compounds including terpenoids, flavonoids, saponins, betulinic acid, and phytosterols. It is clear that those suffering from impotence, low libido, erectile dysfunction, and/or depression may find some comfort in trying the petals.

It is an excellent source of vitamins, particularly niacin. In addition to being a good source of vitamin C, the flower petals also contain a high amount of vitamin E. This seems to be due to increased blood flow to the penis. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction or any other sexual problem, it might be worth giving the Lotus a try for better sex life.

Aside from its benefits on your mood and appetite, it is also known to have anti-viral properties. Some of the more interesting details about the health benefits of Blue Lotus flowers (also known as nymphaea caerulea) include the ability to stop seizures, treat anxiety, improve memory and concentration, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, increase brain activity, stimulate the immune system, treat flatulence, increase appetite, increase fertility, act as a diuretic, treat diabetes, prevent cataracts, treat epilepsy, prevent heart disease, treat pancreatitis, treat skin diseases, treat oral malodor, treat nervous system disorders, increase sexual urge, and treat sexually transmitted diseases (SUD).

However, scientists have yet to verify any of these claims. The only thing that scientists do know is that the flower petals contain an alkaloid group of 30 alkaloids.

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