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Step-By-Step Guide To Making Blue Lotus Extract At Home

What do I need to make my own Blue Lotus Extract at home?

You need 50-100 grams of fresh or dried Blue Lotus flowers. Blue Lotus Flower Powder works as well.

You will also need good size Glass jar, some Ethanol or Everclear, Cheese cloth, Strainer and Glass bowls.

Why should you make a clean Blue Lotus Extract?

Let’s say that you plan to use the Blue Lotus extract in a vape pen. In that case you don’t want components in your extract that will hinder the flow of the extract in the cartridge, or clog/burn your heating element. It will be the water soluble components that will do that. Generally it’s no problem to have water soluble things in your extract, just for vaping you don’t want them in your extract. If you plan to smoke or consume the extract, you don’t have to worry about the purity.

How do I make the cleanest and purest Blue Lotus Extract at home?

How clean your Blue Lotus extract will be, is usually determined by how many components your extract will contain besides the ones that you actually want. You want to target the alkaloids and essential oils, which are alcohol soluble.

Since the alkaloids that we want to extract from the Blue Lotus flowers are alcohol soluble you will get the “cleanest” extract by using the purest alcohol (99.8%) and using it on high quality dried Blue Lotus flowers. You can’t use fresh Blue Lotus flowers because the water content in them would flush out loads of water soluble components.

How do you make inexpensive but highly potent Blue Lotus Extract at home?

You take your Glass jar and put in your Lotus flowers. You don’t press them in there, just pack them loose. Then you pour your solvent over it until the Blue Lotus flowers are nicely submerged. It’s important to seal the glass jar airtight and keep it away from heat and sunlight.

You should give it about 4 weeks to soak. You will see your solvent changing color, getting darker over time, that’s the extract building up in the solvent. When you choose that the time is up, you have to strain the Blue Lotus flowers from your solvent.

You want to use a cheesecloth for that to avoid small particles of the Blue Lotus flowers ending up in your solvent. At this point all the alkaloids of the Blue Lotus flowers ended up in the solvent. You can actually use that solvent now as it is, it’s sold in this form as Blue Lotus Tincture.

How to turn your home made Blue Lotus tincture into solid Blue Lotus extract?

You take a shallow glass bowl or a dinner plate. You will pour your Blue Lotus tincture into it for it to evaporate. You want to give the tincture a large open surface area for quick and easy evaporation. You should not pour the tincture thicker than about 1 inch or 25mm in your glass or ceramic container.

If you have a large amount of tincture to evaporate you are better off pouring the Blue Lotus tincture thin, letting it evaporate and then pour again. You can do that multiple times. Every time when your container has dried out, you can see how much extract you have in the form of residue left in the bottom of your container.

Your tincture should evaporate completely within 24 hours or less. If you want to speed up the process, you place your evaporation container in front of a ventilator, just close enough to disturb the surface a little bit. Once all your solvent has evaporated you can scrape the extract out of your container and put it into a glass or silicone jar of appropriate size.

Your Blue Lotus Extract is now ready to use!


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