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TRIP REPORT: Bala Powder Capsules


Subject: 31-year-old/85 kg male.

Total Dose: 10 Bala Powder Capsules.
Medium Dose: 5 Bala Powder Capsules.
Strong Dose: 10 Bala Powder Capsules.


12:49 * Takes 5 Bala Powder Capsules.
13:46 * Feel very clear minded, with lots of energy. Deep breathing and normal heart rate. No anxiety.
14:48 * Feel very energetic, very comfortable dose of energy while sitting down and working. Deep breathing and heightened heart rate. [1]
14:51 * Takes 5 Bala Powder Capsules.
15:54 * Feel very energized, having trouble concentrating. Restlessness. Some anxiety. Deep breathing and normal heart rate. Feel dehydrated and drinking plenty of water. [2]
16:57 * Energy boost is strong and stable. Restlessness and some anxiety. Deep breathing and normal heart rate. Dehydrated.
18:41 * Energy boost is still strong, very energized still. No restlessness, no anxiety, not so dehydrated anymore.
19:46 * Still energized, feel completely fine. There seems to be a single effect, energy, and lots of it.
20:25 * Takes 4 White Lotus Extract Capsules.
21:06 * Already feeling relaxing and sedative effects of the White Lotus. At the same time of the energy effects of the Bala. [3]
22:21 * Feeling very drowsy, no more rush of energy, feeling a small crash effect, maybe due to the white lotus. And the duration of the Bala trip. [4]


[1] This dose was well on my comfort zone. The heightened heart rate was only momentary.
[2] This dose seemed a little unnecessary for daily tasks as it calls for a more active setting.
[3] Took white Lotus to try and lower the effects of Bala, considering I was going to sleep and effects of Bala lasted longer than expected. For a brief moment felt sedative and active effects of both herbs.
[4] Taking this amount of Bala made me physically tired after so long, and when the sedative effects of White Lotus took over, it was a crash feeling. Maybe White Lotus is good for coming down from stimulants.

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