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TRIP REPORT: Kra Thum Kok Extract Capsules


Subject: 31-year-old/85kg adult male.

Total Dosage: 16 Kra Thum Kok Extract Capsules.
Mild dose: 7 Kra Thum Kok Extract Capsules.
Medium dose: 11 Kra Thum Kok Extract Capsules.
Strong dose: 16 Kra Thum Kok Extract Capsules.


11:43 * Takes 7 Kra Thum Kok Extract Capsules.
12:47 *Slight euphoria, Mild energy boost. No anxiety, can concentrate well considering amount of energy.
13:00 *Very mild Goosebumps sensation / Tingling legs, Slight Euphoria.
13:45 *High energy boost, no problem concentrating, significant level of euphoria. Sitting in the computer bouncing my leg. Slight restlessness. Mixes well with cannabis. It’s like your high, but you’re not. Like clear minded sativa. [1]
13:51 *Takes 4 Kra Thum Kok Extract Capsules.
14:48 * After having lunch feeling high levels of energy, a bit dizziness but not compromising fine motors skills. [2]
15:27 *Feels a lot of stamina rather than energy. Vision has become a little blurry. Feeling mentally aware. Not dizzy anymore. Slight rise in blood pressure. Maybe due to lunch. Heart rate normal. [3]
18:53 * By now effect have worn down considerably, though there is no crash sensation.
18:54 * Takes 5 Kra Thum Kok Extract Capsules.
19:31 * Boost in energy is back, mentally aware.
22:15 * After having Dinner. Feels a stable input of energy, surprisingly there is little-to no anxiety. Hit a plateau feels like cannot go higher than this.
12:00 * There is a comedown from this, and it’s physically tired and a bit drowsy. [4]


[1] This was right at my comfort zone. It’s enough energy to get things done, and not be restless.
[2] The slight dizziness passes briefly as it seems it’s only while coming up.
[3] Also blood pressure was stable after a brief moment.
[4] After 13 hours, at this dosage, effects take it’s told on the body and make you tired.

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