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TRIP REPORT: Velvet Bean Powder Capsules


Subject: 31-year-old/80 kg male.

Total Dose: 12 Velvet Bean Powder Capsules.
Medium Dose: 5 Velvet Bean Powder Capsules.
Strong Dose: 12 Velvet Bean Powder Capsules.


15:05 * Takes 5 Velvet Bean Powder Capsules.
16:30 * Feel restless and slight euphoria. [1]
17.05 * Feel energetic and motivated.
17.10 * Takes 4 Velvet Bean Powder Capsules.
17:56 * Trouble concentrating, visual feel slightly out of focus, really energized.
18:30 * Slight blurry vision. Sense of well-being, mental and physical energy. No restlessness, slight rise in hear rate. No anxiety
19:02 * Ease while breathing, automatic breathing has become full breaths. noticeable rise in heart rate. Very comfortable mind set. Some anxiety. Lots of mental energy. [2]
19:47 * Deep breathing, no longer restless, lots of mental and physical energy. Normal heart rate. No anxiety. Vision still a little blurry.
19:48 *Takes 3 Velvet Bean Powder Capsules.
20:21 *Deep breathing, lots or energy both mental and physical. Vision slightly blurry overall sense of well-being. [3]
20:59 * A little physically tired and mentally energetic.


[1] The slight restlessness is very brief, lasts only as you’re coming up, and quickly vanished once you peak.
[2] At this point I’ve reached the point where I wanted to get. A strong dose.
[3] At this dose, I was surprised to find, heart rate normal and no anxiety.

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