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Infused Flowers

Infused Flowers are the new line of products for the casual smoker and the connoisseur alike. They are infused Blue Lotus Petals with our own recipe of the best quality herbal extracts for maximum effect. Blue Lotus has long been revered as a sacred, medicinal, spiritual plant. Well, we slow dry the petals under the best conditions possible. We then proceed to infusing them with a concentrated tincture that contains the active alkaloids blend that we produce in house. Since White Lotus Flowers don’t contain chlorophyll they are a very smooth, pleasant  and aromatic smoke. All you need is your rolling abilities, some papers and a lighter! We actually recommend mixing this product with our Pollen Cake for a slow-burning cigarette. Or mix with your favorite herb or tobacco. Further you can consume this product in a pipe, dry herb vaporizer or steep as a tea. You might want to mix it with your food, salad or smoothie!

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