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Blue Lotus Flowers infused 3X BLUE + SPEARMINT


These Blue Lotus Flowers are infused with 30% Blue Lotus Extract and Spearmint essential oil to get a “menthol like” effect!

Infused Flowers are the new line of products for the casual smoker and the connoisseur alike. They are infused Blue Lotus Petals with our own recipe of the best quality herbal extracts for maximum effect. Well, we slow dry the petals under the best conditions possible. We then proceed to infusing them with a concentrated tincture that contains the active alkaloids blend that we produce in house. You can it mix with your favorite herb or tobacco.

BLUE LOTUS – Nymphaea caerulea

Known for its the potential to work as a sex stimulant, Nymphaea caerulea provides many other benefits. Blue Lotus is used for its relaxing properties : it acts as a pain killer like Arnica and also has muscle relaxant properties, so that it relieve pain from nerve disorders. Moreover, the use of this flower can help regulate irregular periods and ease menstruation cramps. It’s also used to provide instant hydration to the dry skins and balance and prevent pimple and acne breakouts. And, it’s a natural conditioner for hair and to increase the volume as well as elasticity of brittle hair.

Nymphaea caerulea, better known as the blue lotus flower, is actually a gift to the world. This beautiful blue flower is considered sacred by Indians, especially the Buddhists. Also, it was used by ancient Egyptians as a stimulant to increase sexual desire. Today we know that the sacred blue lily can be used for a variety of medical purposes also.

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