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Sakae Naa Resin Oil (Combretum quadrangulare)


Very little is known about this medicinal herb, but there are still many of its properties available for use by both researchers and patients all over the world.

Because this is a member of the family of trees, it is very difficult to more around and distribute to other areas of the world, which is why it is so hard to get a hold of it. The leaves are usually chewed raw and kept in the mouth for as long as possible so that they can be absorbed by the soft tissue.

The oil can be added to food and drinks and taken on a regular basis.

The Sakae Naa helps as a pain relief and also as a way to keep you energized. It has similar effects to coffee, but without the added dehydration.

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SAKAE NAA (Combretum quadrangulare)

General Information

The Sakae Naa (Latin name Combretum quadrangulare) is one of the many medicinal herbs in the world for which very little is known about. The herb, or to be more precise, the leaves, were discovered on a tree with the same name. Herbs that are actually tree leaves are rarely discovered because tree leaves usually do not have any specific beneficial properties for humans. In fact, they are usually a little poisonous because their job is to protect the tree from potential predators. The Sakae Naa tree is found in the very hard to reach jungles and wetlands of Southeast Asia.

Because of its enormous size and specific requirements for wet and dark areas of land where it grows, this tree is not one that can be grown in other parts of the world as easily. While other plants can be moved to a different location in order to be used by a larger audience around the world, this is not the same for trees, not only because trees take many years to mature, but also because they are too big to be transported.

Recent Discoveries

After some speculation about the actual beneficial properties of the tree and its leaves, it was discovered that the leaves can be turned into both tea leaves and into essential oils. However, even though the Sakae Naa has evidently many benefits for humans, it is still rarely used because it takes a lot of work to reach it.

The small number of farmers in Southeast Asia who are familiar with the plant need to do all the work on their own. It is impossible to use machinery to collect the leaves because they would damage the surrounding areas as well. Because of this, the farmers must pick the leaves by hand and collect them in special textile bags to make sure that the leaves will not dry out too quickly. This is a very difficult job and not something that larger corporations of medicinal herbs would want to spend their time on.

So for now, this herb still remains quite undiscovered, but it is a relief that we are still able to use it despite its difficulties. Many farmers chew or smoke the leaves for their sedative properties. The effects of using the leaves raw and in their original state can last for up to four hours and are in no way harmful to your body. In fact, many farmers prefer to smoke these leaves than tobacco as it is much healthier and has not yet ever been known to cause lung cancer.

Common Use

There are many different ways that you can use the leaves of the Sakae Naa. If you purchase them raw and in their original state you can either chew them or eat them.

If you decide to chew the leaves, then it would be best to slowly chew them and keep them in your mouth for as long as possible. By doing this, the beneficial minerals in the leaves will enter your body through the soft tissue of your cheeks and reach your circulatory system.

If you prefer to eat the leaves, then it is suggested that you turn them into powder first. You can use a sharp knife to cut the leaves into very small pieces, or you can use a blender on a slower setting so that it does not completely destroy the leaves. Once you have done this, you can either eat the leaves as they are, or you can add them to your food and eat them that way.

If you purchase the oils from the leaves they will be much easier to integrate into your daily life. Oils can be applied to skin areas to relieve pain, or they can be added to your daily skincare routine creams and massaged into your skin that way.

Reported Effects

The basic effects of the Sakae Naa are mood alterations and mood enhancements. The herbs helps individuals relieve stress and yet feel more energized at the same time. These effects are similar to caffeine, but they do not negatively impact the stomach and digestive system the way that caffeine does, and are more quickly released.

This means that the Sakae Naa can be used in similar ways to caffeine but without all the negative side effects and dehydration. Other uses of the herb are to help with pain. If you have muscles tension and if your joints hurt, you can massage the oil of the Sakae Naa into the area that is painful and you will soon notice that the pain quickly goes away.

Additional information

Resin oil sizes

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In comparison with our E-Liquids which already deliver a surprising effect at 4% concentration, Our Resin Oil takes it to a higher level at a 50% concentration.

12 times stronger, hence the one hit wonder. In practical terms it is a liquid resin which we achieve by adding Vegetable Glycerin to make it more versatile. Which has an otherworldly viscosity much like a pitch black honey.

Our 2ml presentation already contains one gram of resin. Since this product is SO thick, common E-Cigarettes can’t handle it, you need an Herb Vaporizer. Another good thing is that you can just use sublingual and it will mix with food and drinks. When smoking one hit should be a medium to strong dose, depending on your body weight, so the 2ml will last you a while. And when consumed orally dose is between ½ ml and 2 ml. The effects are different from herb to herb, find one that suits you, surely there is an herb for you.