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Space Lotus Resin Oil (Nelumbo nucifera mutated)

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We all know how much Asians love their Lotus Plant!

In 1987, Chinese scientists first sent Lotus seeds into space.

They say that radiation-induced mutation is a natural and safe way to breed new crop varieties, because it does not involve artificial genetic modification.

Then again in 1994, a total of 442 seeds were placed on a recoverable Chinese satellite which spent over 355 hours in orbit. In 2002, selected seeds were then carried on Shenzhou IV and on another recoverable satellite in 2006.

Guangchang White Lotus Research Institute Director, Xie Keqiang said that the research showed more effective mutations in seeds on the first satellite flight as opposed to those on the Shenzhou IV trip. Keqiang also added that not all seeds mutate, as cosmic radiation is random and it causes both positive and negative effects, which is the reason why some seeds need several space trips and ground experiments.

Tao Dejun, an employee at the Yameijia Aquatic Flowers in Chingqing’s Dazu District, said that about 30 percent of lotus seeds survive cosmic radiation. These are then carefully screened to eliminate genetic drawbacks. Only space mutated Lotus flowers with bigger, long-lasting and more colorful flowers were chosen for mass cultivation.

Dejun said, “The Space Red Flag, for example, has a very large flower, which could be 40 centimeters long in diameter.” “It’s more durable. Ordinary lotus flowers in a pond usually bloom for two months, but a pond of Space Red Flag can last from May to early November, which obviously has more ornamental value,” he further stated.

So as it appears, one of the White Space Lotus varieties (Nelumbo nucifera) has been mass cultivated in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Chiang Mai is the home of Lotus Extracts Thailand. That enables us to now offer you this Space variety for your Smoking and Vaping pleasure!

It is noticeably stronger than Nelumbo nucifera, even though it started out as that. The smell is still exactly as Nelumbo nucifera.

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In comparison with our E-Liquids which already deliver a surprising effect at 4% concentration, Our Resin Oil takes it to a higher level at a 50% concentration.

12 times stronger, hence the one hit wonder. In practical terms it is a liquid resin which we achieve by adding Vegetable Glycerin to make it more versatile. Which has an otherworldly viscosity much like a pitch black honey.

Our 2ml presentation already contains one gram of resin. Since this product is SO thick, common E-Cigarettes can’t handle it, you need an Herb Vaporizer. Another good thing is that you can just use sublingual and it will mix with food and drinks. When smoking one hit should be a medium to strong dose, depending on your body weight, so the 2ml will last you a while. And when consumed orally dose is between ½ ml and 2 ml. The effects are different from herb to herb, find one that suits you, surely there is an herb for you.

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