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Wild Lettuce Leaves infused 3X GREEN


These Wild Lettuce Leaves are infused with 30% Blue Lotus Extract!

Infused Flowers are the new line of products for the casual smoker and the connoisseur alike. They are infused Blue Lotus Petals with our own recipe of the best quality herbal extracts for maximum effect. Well, we slow dry the petals under the best conditions possible. We then proceed to infusing them with a concentrated tincture that contains the active alkaloids blend that we produce in house. You can it mix with your favorite herb or tobacco.

WILD LETTUCE – Lactuca virosa

Commonly used parts: leaves. Reported effects are altered vision, relaxing, a sense of well-being, sedative and improved sleep. This is a mild herb ideal to wind down after a long day. Wild lettuce mixes well with Maconha Brava.

A very high stemmed yellow flower that develops best in the wilderness. This is one of the few medicinal plants that were actually discovered in England, and it is also very popular in the rest of Europe as well. This flower can blossom all year round and can thrive in various weather conditions. It has quite a few toxins inside it and was initially used as a substitute for opium. However, unlike opium it has much milder effects and so is not illegal to grow. It is often used to help induce sleep in people who suffer from Insomnia or from other sleep disorders. Both tea and oil can be produced from the plant to achieve the desired effect.

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