SMOKABLE Herbal Pollen Cakes now available!!

by in News 30th December 2017

What is a pollen cake?

It is a highly potent freeze dried extract, mixed with White Lotus Stamen power, to make it smokable.

Why smoke Pollen Cakes?

Because it is of the best quality. Second only to fresh material. With the highest potency possible in an easily smokable form. It is a good way to get a natural buzz without the need of special equipment to get the most out of your smoke. You can just roll this up and smoke it.

How to smoke Pollen Cake?

*Disclosure Notice: This method may be familiar to some of us.
Easy. With a lighter, burn the Pollen Cake a few seconds, until it feels crumbly. Then put it on the table and with your lighter crush the area you have heated it until it’s crumbles. One could crush it even further with a lighter if you would prefer a more consistent smoke. You can add this as a natural potentiator to any smokable herb of your preference.  This is much the same method used for hash.

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