Trip Report: Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) Resin Oil with Video!

by in News 31st August 2017

Trip Report Blue Lotus Resin Oil


Subject: 31-year-old/85 kg male.

Total Dose: 20 ml of Blue Lotus Resin Oil.

Medium Dose: 5-10 ml of Blue Lotus Resin Oil.

Strong Dose: 10-20 ml of Resin Oil.


13:15 * Takes 5 ml of Blue Lotus Resin Oil.

13:34 *Already feels slightly sedated.

14:35 * Feeling a smart high, as if it were mentally hazy but it’s not, feels very mellow and relaxed, no anxiety.

14:56 * Feels as if effects have stabilized. Feeling very comfortable and mentally apt though with a clear head-high. Sedating and mellowing effects are not overwhelming considering the strength of the effects. [1]

15:02 * Takes 7 ml of Blue Lotus Resin Oil.

15:26 * Slight blurry vision, a lot of attention to detail. Like a clear-minded smart-high, little numbness and very relaxed though mentally active. [2]

16:16 * Smoked a Blue Lotus Flower Cigarette and effects raised drastically, almost a rush. Slight rise in body temperature and a little high blood pressure. Feeling very sedated yet mentally active and aware. [3]

16:30* Takes 8 ml of Blue Lotus Resin Oil.

17:49* Feels very relaxed and sedated, vision a little blurry, strong smart-high, mellow and hazy but very mentally energetic. Feels like can’t go higher, a little dizzy but exactly, like an enjoyable alcohol buzz. [4]

20:02* Feels hypnotic effect when I stare into nothing. Easy to space out. Yet when active, feels a boost of energy and when calm, feels very sedated, overall sense of well-being, a bit euphoric.

23:12* Effects have remained the same and seem to last a long time, it’s not mentally tiring.


[1] There seems to be a brief coming up period in which all effects haven’t balanced out, as if some effects hit you stronger and other come on slowly behind it.

[2] When I mention Smart-High I mean by how mentally able one is, and attention to detail, like it’s easy to focus on things, yet you feel almost inebriated.

[3] The slight rise in blood pressure and heart rate quickly diminished to a normal state. As the effects of smoking quickly vanish as well, but it’s a quick and pleasant way for a head change.

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