Trip Report: DAGGALICIOUS (Wild & Klip Dagga Blend) capsules

by in News 31st August 2017

Trip Report Daggalicious Capsules


Subject: 31yearold/85kg adult male.

Total Dosage: 23 Daggalicious Capsules.

Mild dose: 5 Daggalicious Capsules/2 Grams of powder.

Medium dose: 12 Daggalicious Capsules/4.8 Grams of powder.

Strong dose: 23 Daggalicious Capsules/9.2 Grams of powder.


11:35 * Takes 5 Daggalicious Capsules/2 Grams of powder.

13:00 * Feel a little absent minded, with a slight body high.

14:14 * Feel heavy bodied and Relaxed. High similar to cannabis, moderately absent minded. [1]

15:12 * Mentally hazy and relaxing effects have stayed the same. At a comfort zone.

15:43 * Takes 7 more Daggalicious Capsules/ 2.8 Grams of powder.

17:15 * Feel very relaxed and sedated, mentally hazy. Sense of wellbeing.

19:16 * Feel very relaxed and sedated.  Similar to cannabis. Little blurry vision and mentally hazy.

19:39 * Takes 7 more Daggalicious Capsules/2.8 Grams of powder.

20:39 * Feel very sedated and relaxed, couchlock. Mentally hazy, with a bit blurry vision. [2]

22:20 * Feel very hazy and sluggish. Dilated pupils and sensitive to light, very sedated and relaxed.

22:22 * Takes 4 more Daggalicious Capsules/1.6 Grams of powder.

23:10 * Blurry vision, really sluggish, heavily sedated and relaxed. A little dizzy. [3]


[1] This is a very comfortable feeling for being active still.

[2] This is perfect for watching movies and relaxing.

[3] This is a strong dose, perfect for doing nothing.


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