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Bala Resin Extract (Sida cordifolia)


Experience the ancient healing power of Bala with Lotus Extracts Bala Hash-Like Herbal Resin Extract.

Derived from Sida cordifolia, a revered plant in Ayurvedic medicine, this extract boasts natural ephedrine and numerous therapeutic properties. It addresses ailments like fever, asthma, skin diseases, and more.

Key Features:

100% Bala Concentrate: Pure and potent.
Natural Ephedrine: Provides stimulating effects naturally.
Versatile Use: Can be smoked or consumed sublingually.
Premium Quality: Made in northern Thailand with 99% pure ethanol.
Wild-Crafted: Sourced from untouched Thai forests.

Choose Lotus Extracts for a natural, safe, and versatile health enhancement. Unlock the benefits of this ancient remedy today.

Bala (Sida cordifolia)

The ayurvedic herb contains stimulant alkaloids, which plays an important role in shedding of extra fats, good for weight loss. In ayurveda, bala is one of the important herbs, which is used for various purposes like skin glowing, boosting physical stamina, bodybuilding. The plant is also aphrodisiac.

Orginited from Sri Lanka, the bala ayurvedic herb has been used for beautifying purposes since the ancient times. It is sait that sida cordifolia has been used to increase the beauty of kings and queen. Also, stem and roots are the part of the plant which is used as medicine.

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Lotus Extracts Bala Hash-Like Herbal Resin Extract

Discover the Ancient Healing Power of Bala

Introducing Lotus Extracts Bala Hash-Like Herbal Resin Extract, a premium product derived from the Bala plant, scientifically known as Sida cordifolia.

Revered in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, Bala is renowned for its wide range of therapeutic properties. Containing natural ephedrine, it has been used for centuries to treat ailments such as fever, jaundice, chronic diarrhea, cancer, dysentery, bone fractures, pain, asthma, skin diseases, poisonous insect bites, snake bites, and eye disorders.

Key Features:

  • 100% Bala Concentrate: Our resin extract is made with pure Bala concentrate, ensuring a potent and effective product.
  • Natural Ephedrine: Bala is known for its natural ephedrine content, offering stimulating effects without synthetic additives.
  • Versatile Consumption: This hash-like herbal resin extract can be smoked or consumed sublingually, providing flexible options for enjoying its benefits.
  • Premium Quality: Produced in-house in northern Thailand using 99% pure ethanol as a solvent, our Bala extract is crafted with meticulous care to ensure the highest quality.
  • Wild-Crafted Source: We use only Bala plants from wild forests deep in the untouched wilderness of Thailand, ensuring a pure and natural product.
  • No Heat Extraction: To preserve the integrity and potency of the alkaloids, no heat is involved in the production of this premium extract.

How to Enjoy:

  • Smoking: For a stimulating and therapeutic experience, smoke this Bala resin extract.
  • Sublingual: Place a small amount under your tongue for quick absorption and immediate benefits.

Why Choose Lotus Extracts Bala Hash-Like Herbal Resin Extract?

  • Natural and Safe: Made with high-quality ingredients and pure Bala extract, our resin is a natural and safe option for those seeking the therapeutic benefits of Sida cordifolia.
  • Ancient Remedy: Bala has a long history in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, known for its wide range of health benefits.
  • Premium Craftsmanship: Our extract is meticulously produced in-house using 99% pure ethanol as a solvent, ensuring a pure and consistent product every time.
  • Ethically Sourced: Our Bala plants are harvested from wild forests, ensuring an ethically sourced and environmentally friendly product.
  • Versatile and Convenient: Whether you prefer smoking or sublingual consumption, our Bala resin extract offers flexibility and convenience.

Experience the Healing Power of Bala

Elevate your wellness routine with the natural power of Bala. Lotus Extracts Bala Hash-Like Herbal Resin Extract is designed for those who seek the therapeutic benefits of Sida cordifolia in a modern, convenient format. Enjoy the stimulating and therapeutic effects of this ancient remedy in a versatile and convenient format, perfect for enhancing your daily life.

Transform your health rituals with Lotus Extracts Bala Hash-Like Herbal Resin Extract, and unlock the profound benefits of Sida cordifolia. Discover the ancient healing properties of Bala with our premium hash-like herbal resin extract.

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Resins are a great way to to have a concentrated herbal extract with an impressive shelf life.

At 30x potency this product is strong enough as is. Could be used for a great variety of sub products. Resin Extracts contains the active ingredients of an herb in a concentrated form, usually alcohol (ethanol) is used during the extraction process. Premium resins are produced without adding heat. Commonly used by soaking it in wine or spirit, sublingual or by in a wax vaporizer. Combusting resin is the least effective method. They can be smoked in a Dab Rig, or a good Vaporizer, at a 30x strength. They can also be consumed sublingually. Or like pills. Simply roll small pellets and take with a lot of water. This product can be further extracted.