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Guduchi Herb Capsules (Tinospora cordifolia)


Tinospora cordifolia contains many different substances which helps for human health. Some of these chemicals have antioxidant effects.

Its also used for its immunostimulant properties. Its leaves, root, and stem ward off infections and boost your immunity overall. It also help to relieve stress in a significative way. Moreover, Ayurveda classifies guduchi as an aphrodisiac.

Tinospora cordifolia is a shrub that is native to India. Its root, stems, and leaves are used in Ayurvedic medicine. Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) is known as queen of all herbs. It is supposed to be the nectar of god Indra. It is used in the treatment and curing of many diseases and known as panacea for all the diseases and disorders. It is helpful in de-stress and anxiety and having immunomodulatory effects. Besides, it has many unknown health benefits and uses.

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