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Wild Dagga Resin Oil (Leonotis leonurus)


The most frequently used parts of the Wild Dagga are the leaves and orange flowers.

While it is possible to use the stems and roots of the plant as well, they are too thin and mostly dry because they send all of the collected water to the leaves and the flowers to keep them fresh and working properly. So regardless of whether you are growing the plant yourself or you decide to purchase products made from it from others, make sure that you always pick those that are made from leaves and flower because they have the highest concentration of quality.

Both the tea and the oil of the Wild Dagga help with pain relief, blood circulation, white blood cell improvement, and the improvement of other body functions as well.

You cannot technically have too much intake of this plant, but remember that everything works better in moderation.

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Resin oil sizes

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In comparison with our E-Liquids which already deliver a surprising effect at 4% concentration, Our Resin Oil takes it to a higher level at a 50% concentration.

12 times stronger, hence the one hit wonder. In practical terms it is a liquid resin which we achieve by adding Vegetable Glycerin to make it more versatile. Which has an otherworldly viscosity much like a pitch black honey.

Our 2ml presentation already contains one gram of resin. Since this product is SO thick, common E-Cigarettes can’t handle it, you need an Herb Vaporizer. Another good thing is that you can just use sublingual and it will mix with food and drinks. When smoking one hit should be a medium to strong dose, depending on your body weight, so the 2ml will last you a while. And when consumed orally dose is between ½ ml and 2 ml. The effects are different from herb to herb, find one that suits you, surely there is an herb for you.