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Butterfly Pea Pollen Cake (Clitoria ternatea)


One of the benefits of Butterfly pea is that it has a lot of antioxidants.

Its powerful bio-compounds help the body fight free radicals which are toxic and cause premature ageing. The antioxidants are great for hair and skin, it has many vitamins and minerals which keep your skin and hair looking great. Furthermore, it has some flavonoids which increase collagen origination, accelerating skin elasticity. Blue pea is proven to be nootropic. It refreshes the brain and boosts its activity and function. This will keep you energised and feeling great. relieve stress and lower symptoms of anxiety disorder.

Native from in Southeast Asia, Butterfly pea is used there for centuries as a caffeine-free herbal beverage (as well as a plant-based food and clothing dye). This dried tea is as common as chamomile tea and is often used in the same way ; as an after-dinner drink. The taste is usually described as “earthy,” and similar to the flavor of unsweetened green tea.

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We have created Pollen Cake, a formulation very much like hash, for a more consumer friendly, smokable product.

Pollen Cake will potentiate the effect of any herb it is added to. Pollen Cake is a combination of Lotus Flower powder and our most pure herbal extract concentrate. It is a very practical smoking method, no special equipment required, just roll in a cigarette with your favorite smoke, and you can potentiate any herb towards any desired effects.

Our pollen cake is a herbal hash, and by all means it should be used as traditional hashish. Take a lighter and heat the Pollen Cake at the area you want to smoke. Break off a chunk and with a lighter, crush it against a tabletop into crumbs. Add to your favorite herb, roll it up and smoke.

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