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Honey Weed Resin Extract (Leonurus sibiricus)


Resins are a great way to to have a concentrated herbal extract with an impressive shelf life. At 30x potency this product is strong enough as is. Resin Extracts contains the active ingredients of an herb in a concentrated form, usually alcohol (ethanol) is used during the extraction process. Premium resins are produced without adding heat. Commonly used by soaking it in wine or spirit, sublingual or in a wax vaporizer. Combusting resin is the least effective method. They can be smoked in a Dab Rig, or a good Vaporizer, at a 30x strength.

Honey Weed – Leonurus sibiricus

Commonly used parts are flowers and leaves. Its effects are stimulating, relaxing, and sense of well-being. Take this herb helps the cardiovascular system, reduce allergies and improves soft tissue. The oil taken from the flowers can be used to improve different skin conditions and also as an additional ingredient in food.

Also known as the Marihuanilla and traditionally used by the Mexican Indians for its mellowing effects. Also called Siberian motherwort, the Honey Weed was first discovered in the cold areas of Siberia that were not covered in snow. Its thin stem and purple flowers can grow to an impressive height of up to 80 centimetres, and the flowers bloom up to twice a year. The herb is a close relative to the Mint plant and as such can be easily used as tea as well.

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